Chamber Project Saint Louis embraces the communicative and collaborative nature of chamber music to create interactive performances reflecting a 21st-century audience, and creates partnerships with both traditional and non-traditional venues, all types of artists, institutions, and the community.

We will accomplish this mission by these core commitments:

  • The highest possible artistic level in the musical performance of chamber music.
  • Engaging programming that inspires unexpected thought provoking experiences for the audience.
  • Creating deep connections with our audiences before, during, and after performances both verbally and musically promoting personal responses to the music through audience participation.
  • Developing non-traditional audiences reflecting the diversity of our environment and a new generation of concert goers in intimately social settings.
  • Commitment to the performance of chamber music from revered classics to living composers.
  • Developing outreach and education initiatives that will further our commitment  and love for the community we serve by creating meaningful, active listening experience for underserved  communities and audiences.
Artistic Directors: Adrianne, Laura, Jennifer and Dana

Artistic Directors: Adrianne, Laura, Jennifer and Dana


Jennifer Gartley
Laura Reycraft


Dana Hotle


Jenalie Auth
Allison Dodds Barudin, Vice President
Aminat Danmole
Phil Duyff
Carol Graham
Kim Gregory
Kristin Guilliams
Tricia Jöstlein
Jennedy Lombard
Denise McCracken
David Nischwitz
Andrea Tharian, President