2017-2018 - SEASON 10

We celebrate our 10th Anniversary Season by celebrating the city we love.
Enjoy 7 unique programs which highlight the incredible artistry, creativity and community of St. Louis


What a wonderful night it was! Our 10th Anniversary concert at the Schlalfy Tap Room on February 11 was everything we hoped for. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and support over the past 10 years!


OPPOSITION   l   3.16.18
The Chapel Venue

Artists working under oppressive situations eloquently implore the world for peace
and compassion, while expressing the brutality of their situations. Andriessen writes
from imprisonment, and Shostakovich was a free man in name only. The Cellist of
Sarajevo tells the story of one man's nightly vigil in his war-torn city.

OPPOSITION   l   3.28.18
World Chess Hall of Fame

An hour long variation of this program at a fun venue.

ECO   l   4.20.18
The 560 Music Center

ECO   l   4.21.18
Augusta Harmonie-Verein/Plein Air Art Festival

On Earth Day weekend we rejoice in the beauty of the natural world. Music by Ravel,
Mahler and Schubert are inspired by Mother Nature and we commission a new work from Katherine Bodor for soprano and small ensemble.

CHOICE   l   6.2.18
The Chapel Venue

A concert of favorites fully curated by the audience throughout the season by secret ballot.

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