What to expect at a Chamber Project concert.

Not sure what the rules are around a classical chamber music concert?
Don’t worry, we’re not too worried about the rules.


    It’s chamber music, which is classical music for 2-10 performers at a time. Every concert is a different mix of instruments, depending on the music that is being performed that night. We perform a mix of traditional masterworks and hidden gems of the past combined with modern music living composers with an emphasis on music by women, people of color and local composers. It’s a fresh take on an old art form, connecting the past to today and far flung places to our home town.

  • NEW? Don’t know much about classical music but classical-curious?

    This is the place for you! Each concert has a theme to provide context and perspective and every piece of music is introduced from the stage with a story and a few interesting things to listen for. These introductions are structured to give new listeners context for a more engaged experience and long time music lovers added insight.

10th anniversary concert.JPG

    Feel like getting a little dressed up for date night? Go for it! Jeans and a hoodie more your style? That’s great. Be comfortable, we want you to have a good time.


    Clap when you feel like it, or just follow the lead of the people around you. Traditions around when to clap have evolved over time, so there’s really no wrong time to clap. And we love applause, who doesn’t!?


    Want to take a few pics? Go for it! Feel like a tweet about the concert - great! Please be mindful of the sight lines of the people around you and please silence your device.


    Depending on the venue, you can have a drink while you listen or grab one before or after the concert or at intermission.


    Expect to meet interesting people, the musicians and maybe even a composer. Have questions for us? We mingle during our concerts and we want to meet you - be sure to say hi!


    Kids of all ages welcome! If you’re bringing young ones to the concert we recommend sitting in the back so they can wiggle away without distracting the musicians or the audience and you can leave whenever you need to. Dancing in the back of the room is always encouraged and please bring the kids up to meet the musicians and see the instruments up close!


    All of our venues are wheel chair accessible. The Chapel will be ADA compliant for our next performance there. Many venues have wheel chairs available to guests who need them. Please contact us with any questions about accessibility.

To learn more watch this video! We hope to see you at a concert soon.