Welcome to our Blog!

We started CPSTL because we are passionate, curious and excited about Music. Along the way we’ve discovered that our audience is just as passionate, curious and excited about Music as we are! We decided to create this blog to share this passion in a broader scope.

Why Blog? What will we blog about? Reading our blog, you will find out more about who we are, as individuals and as a group, and why we’re doing what we do. What is it like to be a Classical Musician in the time of Lady Gaga, of instant downloads and streaming music online? What is it like to play live Music for live human beings, sitting just a few feet away? What do we do in rehearsals? What is it like to be a performing artist, on an individual and collective level?

We’ll also dig into the Music we play, tell you why we love it and why we’re sharing it with our community. We might even dig into bigger, deeper realms, like:  What is Music? What is Art? Why do we need it? Why we believe Music and Art are integral parts of a healthy and productive community, and what we’re doing to make our contribution. We also might share share a few of our favorite recipes or YouTube videos.

What do you want to know? About us? About Music? Let us know!

We’re going to take turns in this blog, so you’ll hear a different voice and get a different perspective with each entry. We hope you enjoy!

Dana, Adrianne, Jen. Laura, Hannah and Melissa -