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A few weeks ago, we were asked by STL TV to come on their weekly show STL LIVE! This was our second TV appearance this year, and it was really different from the first one, which was live on Fox 2 News really early in the morning. This time we actually got to be on the set in the studio! The set looks different in person than it does on TV, some crazy thing they do with perspective. On TV it looks like you're standing on the same level as the furniture, but really, you're standing a foot lower and much closer to it than you'd think. And it was cold in there!

dana in studio

Danielle, our host, was great, and our camera guys were really supportive and kept us laughing. We didn't get to play live on the air, like we did at Fox, but we hope to get back to STL TV sometime to do that! I wasn't able to shout out a "HI MOM" in either appearance, so maybe I'll get that in next time too! Thanks also to April, the program director who invited us on! Below are YouTube links to the two parts. Check them out if you want to learn more about us or our upcoming concerts in November. Or just watch me be slightly bewildered by having to answer questions under the glare of really bright lights.

Part 1: We talk about what we do and where we perform, with a recording of us playing in the background.

Part 2: We talk about the music on our upcoming Strings Attached program.

We got about 24 hours notice for this appearance, and luckily Hannah and I were available to come in. And yes, we were nervous! And yes, it's sort of weird watching yourself on camera! And no, being a performer does not really prepare you for something like this! Hannah has a little post about this on her blog if you'd like to see a few more pics of inside the studio.


Saturday October 29 Webster Groves Presbyterian Church                                 1:00 and 3:15, free.    These performances are  part of a really fun event in Webster Groves called Art on the Town. There will be events all over Webster all day. CLICK HERE for a full schedule. We're going to play some old favorites, including one of the pieces you hear in the background of our TV appearance, and will give a sneak peak of our Strings Attached program. You can also hear the Musicians of MOCM and some of the CMS Prep students at the same venue. We hope to see you there!

Strings Attached - November 3 @ The Chapel, November 4 @ The Tavern of Fine Arts.  We started rehearsing for our Strings Attached program last week. The Emmanuel came together really easily on Wednesday, although there are some tricky moments in the last movement! There were two rehearsals on Friday, Mozart in the afternoon, and Jen, Laura and Valentina spent their Friday evening working on the Roussel.

Next week our post is going to be all about our Strings Attached program from the musicians perspective. Do you have any questions about any of the music we're performing soon? Let us know, we'll answer give you an answer next week.