And the Winner is...

rehearsing at tofa

You will have to be at our Third Annual Audience Choice Concert on June 1 to find out!

What is an Audience Choice Concert you ask? It's a concert where the audience has chosen the music that we will be performing.

How did the Audience choose the music? At all of our concerts for this season (since September of 2011) the audience has been asked to vote for their favorite piece on the program. We have a blast reading the comments and finding out what our audience thinks about the music we choose to play! We always expect the big standards to win by a landslide (Mozart, Beethoven etc) but often they don't! Every piece on each program always receives a few votes, and we often have two that tie for first place.

Why did you start an Audience Choice Concert? From the very beginning, we've been focused on breaking down the "wall" between audience and performer. We had some pretty crazy ideas about how to go about this - and this was one of them! It's proven to be our most popular concert of the year two years in a row, and we're really excited about this year! We've got 10 of the best musicians in the area all in one concert!

Any hints about what we might hear on Friday? Well, we can't give it away, but we can tell you the concert starts with a beautiful tune, moves into some dramatic material, has an interlude of pure elegance, and ends with the most playful and joyful piece of music you can find! It's going to be really fun!

Who are these 10 musicians who will be playing? If we told you that, some of our pieces would be revealed, at least to the close observer of what we've been doing. But, we can tell you that we are thrilled that Laura Reycraft will be back with us after a break this spring (she had a baby!) All of our Core Members will be there, including the always fabulous Nina Ferrigno on piano, plus a great bass player we're excited to be working with for the first time! And you'll have to show up to find out more than that!

Where and When? 

The Chapel Venue - a sanctuary for the arts Friday, June 1, 2012  8:00pm 6238 Alexander Drive -63105 (Behind Memorial Presbyterian Church) $12 regular/$4 students - includes two beverages free street parking click here for a Google Map

To read more about what we do at The Chapel - click here

Jen and Laura at The Chapel