Chamber Project ON TAP

Artistic Director and flutist Jennifer Gartley introduces our new series:


Before I moved to Saint Louis, I am going to have to admit I did not like beer. I just didn't. I mean, I was over my horrible amaretto sour stage, but beer was not at the top of my list.  But when you move to Saint Louis, you better saddle up because beer is KING.  STL is the home of Budweiser, you can walk out of your house in the city in the morning and smell the hops/seeds/barley, or whatever it is they are brewing, and know you are in the Lou.



There is a craft beer revolution going on in Saint Louis too, and it is exciting, and good for the city, and really really tasty.   Personally, I've been able to explore my tastes with my local brew masters over at the Civil Life, Urban Chestnut, Six Row, 4Hands, Schlafly... and I know I don't like the beers that taste like perfumed flowers, but I do like the stouts, and a good black ale.  And it can be a little less intimidating than wine (which is also pretty darn good, but if I'm being honest, I can't tell the difference between a Pinot Noir and a Merlot, but I pretend to).  You can learn a little but  more about the viewpoint of some of these craft breweries in the trailer for their movie here:  - but if you don't have time, it really comes down to community, and making people happy, and locally supported businesses.  What can that do for a city? A community?


Well, obviously, this sounds SO up the Chamber Project alley - all about people, connecting with our community, making St. Louis a better place to live...  But beer and classical music in a bar? Does that work?

It's happening all over the country, and our experiments with it have show a demand for it! Check out this piece on the Cleveland Orchestra in a local Cleveland bar, breaking down barriers and finding new audiences. Pretty cool, huh?

We want to bring together all that St. Louis has to offer - great music, great beer and great people, all ON TAP just for you. We are proud to partner with Schlafly Beer and 4 Hands Brewing Co. along with the Tavern of the Fine Arts to try this out this season - come and raise a glass with us,  it's going to be fun. Cheers!

Tavern of Fine Arts - OCT 23, 7:30pm
Schlafly Tap Room - JAN 29, 7:00pm
4 Hands Brewing Co. - MAY 6, 7:00pm   


This series is partly funded by The Missouri Arts Council and the Regional Arts Commission.

Our Venues

One of our missions in Chamber Project is to perform chamber music in intimate, casual settings. This is the way this music is meant to be heard--up close and personal. We regularly play in two venues that are perfect for this. Each has its own personality. Both venues are located in neighborhoods surrounding Forest Park.

THE CHAPEL: a sanctuary for the arts

The Chapel is an incredible venue, and is truly "a sanctuary for the arts". The members of Memorial Presbyterian Church decided that their old, small, unused chapel should be, well, USED for something. Lucky for us, they turned it into a performing space, attached to an art gallery. The space was renovated beautifully - it has this fantastic gothic plus modern look. The acoustics are great, with the stunning peaked roof allowing for plenty of room for the sound to blend and project.  We musicians get to use the space for free, and keep 100% of the door. Additionally, the venue provides two free beverages to our audience, as well as volunteers to run the bar and the door. This venue is an incredible gift to our community! The vibe at The Chapel is casual, yet elegant. As our community of music lovers grows, we see them get to know each other and catch up at intermission and after the concert. This has been our "home base" since 2009.

location: 6238 Alexander Dr. St. Louis Missouri 63115  GOOGLE MAP IT website: parking: free and plentiful on neighborhood streets. Avoid blocking driveways please.

Jen and Laura at The Chapel


The Tavern is a relatively new performing space in St. Louis. The owners are both musicians and true "foodies". They've put their passions for music, art, and great food into one place. The Tavern is divided into two rooms, one with a bar and seating area, the other with a grand piano on a stage, and more seating, including a living room area near the back. The walls around the venue are adorned with local artists' work. This space blurs the line between performer and audience in a way we've never experienced. The audience members sitting in the front row are basically on stage with the musicians. There is no 'green room', no elevated stage, simply a front of the room where we set up, so the musicians are in the audience as soon as they are done performing. The vibe is energetic and the audience is a great mix of people from the neighborhood, music fans, artists and students!  The wine list is unique and amazing, each bottle hand picked by the owners.  You can choose a great glass, nibble on some food and enjoy great music and atmosphere in this venue.   Space is limited - at 45 people, we're at standing room - so come early!

location: 313 Belt Avenue 63112 MAP website: parking: free and plentiful on streets or in lot across the street from The Tavern on Belt.


CPSTL @ The TAvern 11-4-11