October by the Interval

It's October, it's fall, it's a great time of year.  The weather has been fantastic, and the arts are in full swing here in the 'Lou.  Here at Chamber Project, we're really excited about our biggest month of the season! Our kick off concert in September was fantastic. We had a packed house and a great performance. We're keeping the energy up with three events in October! We are really excited about our October program, called "MOSAIC", for many reasons.

First of all, the music is fantastic. This is an all American program, and truly brings together the past and the future of music in America. More on the Music in a post coming soon.

Second, WE GOT OUR FIRST GRANT to help fund these events! Thank you to the Missouri Arts Council (a state agency) for the funding! (Yes, I'm supposed to say "a state agency" in conjunction with "Missouri Arts Council", those are the rules.) It's a small Project Grant to help cover costs and aid in some marketing for all three events (2 concerts, one VOR) in October. It's awesome to get our first grant, hopefully the first of many!

Third, we are participating in The American Arts Experience with our October 19 concert  (at The Chapel) along with some of the best arts organizations in town. Our September concert at The Chapel almost sold out  - so get your tickets early! (click here)

Fourth, The St. Louis Community College has invited us to present a Very Open Rehearsal at their Meramec Campus on at noon on Friday October 12. We are really excited about engaging with this vibrant student population. One of the STLCC design classes is working on poster(s) for the VOR - we'll share them here when we get them! It is open to the public, and free - so come on out.

Fifth, Our MOSAIC program features Adrianne Honnold, (saxophone). She teaches at Washington University and they've asked her to bring us back to the DUC Chamber Music Series on Wednesday October 24. 

Sixth, We've got this awesome poster we're putting up around town - look for it.

Mosaic Poster

Seventh. Well, I just wanted to get to seven so I could introduce this cool website where you can listen to the Musical Intervals, which are labled as 'seconds', 'thirds', 'fourths' and on up to 'sevenths'.  Intervals are the distance (low to high) between notes. As I made this list, I was thinking about the intervals. Most people don't know about intervals in music, but now you do. Some intervals get along, they're "consonant", others disagree, they're "dissonant". Which ones are which? Can you tell? Our MOSAIC program uses some very interesting combinations. Goof off for a moment and enjoy this site! http://www.musicalintervalstutor.info/listenpg.html

We'll have more about our MOSAIC program, and each of the events coming up in October soon!