Three Reasons to Give: #2 Local Focus

We do things a little differently, and we need your help to keep it going! Here is a little more information on why what we do matters, and why we need you to donate today to keep it happening.

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Three reasons to choose Chamber Project as deserving of your hard-earned money:

#1  Inclusive and Expansive Programming
#2  Local Focus
#3  Community Matters

performing At 4 Hands Brewing co.

performing At 4 Hands Brewing co.

#2: Local! Local! Local! Core to our mission is the promotion of local musicians, composers and stories. This means your money stays right here in your community. We have a roster of 20+ amazing musicians who live locally. We serve locally brewed beer at our events. We use local, independently owned print companies for all of our printing needs.

We commission local composers (5 so far!) to write music, that often has a community inspiration. This year alone we have premiered works by local composers about the Gateway Arch and the Dred Scott case, which originated in St. Louis. We partner with local service organizations and host them at our events to give them a platform to share their work and an opportunity for you to learn more and give back to your community.

Staying local builds community, builds depth, builds relationships. Which leads us to reason #3 to give. Stay tuned.

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