Three Reasons to Give: #3 Community Matters

We do things a little differently, and we need your help to keep it going! Here is a little more information on why what we do matters, and why we need you to donate today to keep it happening.

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Three reasons to choose Chamber Project as deserving of your hard-earned money:

#1  Inclusive and Expansive Programming
#2  Local Focus
#3  Community Matters

#3: Community Matters.  Our founding principal is to create community through music making.  Creating events that bring people together. By focusing on #1, Inclusive and expansive programming and #2 Local Focus, we create community. A common ground and a shared experience where you can enjoy yourself, expand your horizons and meet someone new.

We need you to buy in. Make a donation to keep us going for the next 10 years of inclusive, expansive, locally focused community based music making. Every single dollar counts. 

Or send a check to:

Chamber Project St. Louis
PO Box 300008
University City, MO 63130


Thank you!